• Étang du Garbet - Couserans
  • Vue sur la vallée du Ribérot - Couserans
  • Balade dans le massif de Sourroque
  • Parcours aventure de Moulis
  • Sports d'eaux vives Couserans
  • Baptême en montgolfière Couserans
  • Col de la Core
  • Vue sur la chaîne des Pyrénées

meteoCounty weatherforecast : 08 99 71 02 09   


The High Mountain State Police 05 61 64 22 58

The Castillon Police 05 61 96 70 17
The Massat Police 05 61 96 95 08
The St-Girons Police 05 34 14 33 30

In order to enjoy your hiking under the best possible conditions of safety.

Do remind...

Mountain rucksack IGN maps, guide books Flask Sun glasses Energy food Hat
Survival equipment Sunscreen Raincoat Gloves Beany Warm garment
Compass Electric lamp Mobile phone Whistle Survival blanket

Certain points to keep in mind

  • To appreciate your hike, do wear good walking shoes.
  • In the mountains, weather can change very rapidly (check the weather forecast!): take along rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen, warm and waterproof cloths and a hat.
  • A clean mountain, of course! Do bring back all picnic waste so that everybody can enjoy his walk.
  • In order not to frighten cattle, keep your dog on a leash. 
  • Carefully close the gates and be careful with electric fences.
  • In whichever season you are, never light a fire.
  • Do not drink water of brooks and streams. Water supply is to be found on most of the hiking tracks. Otherwise, you must bring your own.
  • Do not throw stones. Rockfall is very dangerous in the mountains.
  • Do respect rural life by avoiding walking through hay fields or picking orchard fruits. Do not enter shepherd's huts, apart from those made available for walkers and hikers.
  • Let the flowers bloom on site. A picture will last much longer.

Medical precautions

  • If bitten by a viper, do not apply a tourniquet, do not suck out the poison (only professionals can do it), avoid movements, put some ice on the bite and get to the nearest hospital.
  • If you have a strain, do immobilize the affected limb and put ice on it. Then get to the nearest doctor.
  • You can bring your cellphone, as even out of network coverage, the emergency call center (112) will be available.

For your safety

  • Before leaving, do check the weather on the St-Girons/Antichan weather forecast voice server (3201) or at the local tourist offices.
  • Do not drink water of brooks and streams. What seems to be a water source, might not be one. When in doubt, do not drink the water and bring your own.
  • When a thunderstorm is approaching, do lose altitude and leave the ridges (heavy exposure) as soon as you can, do not hide under a tree or an isolated rock and try and find shelter in a hut. Do think of closing the door when leaving.
  • Always do leave your itinerary to somebody.
  • If you'll be gone for several days, do advise the police-station that is nearest to your departure point.

IGN 2047 OT St-GironsIGN Maps 1:25 000 (Top 25), blue series: Couserans (West)

IGN 2047 OT St-Girons - Couserans
IGN 2047 ET La Bastide-de-Sérou - Massat
IGN 2046 O Ste-Croix Volvestre
IGN 2048 OT Aulus-Les-Bains - Mont-Valier
IGN 1947 OT Aspect, Pic de Maubermé

IGN n°6 Couserans - AriègeIGN Maps 1:50 000: Ariège

IGN n°6 Couserans-Cap d'Aran-Pallars

IGN n°7 Haute Ariège - Vicdessos

Haute-Ariège - Andorre

IGN Pyrenees Ariege - Mt-Vallier - Pique d'Estats• New :
IGN Maps 1:75 000: Pyrénées Ariégeoises - Mont Valier
Publication date : May 2012




IGN 922 St-Jacques de Compostelle_ariege

The roads of Compostela

The roads to Compostela
IGN Map 1:1 000 000


Guidebooks :

Pyrénées Ariégeoises
: Le Couserans, 20 exceptional hikes - a Chamina publication: 10€

L'Ariège à pied - Fédération Française de Randonnée pédestre 14€

Les sentiers d'Émilie by Jean Pierre Siréjol - a Rando publication 7,95€

The FFRP marking : Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre 

   Grande Randonnée GR - Grande Randonnée Pays GRP - Promenade, Rando PR - Chemins Compostelle GR78

balisage gr grande randonnee nbalisage gr pays randonnee nbalisage pr grande randonnee nbalisage chemin compostelle n

Continue walking in the same direction

balisage gr droite randonnee nbalisage gr pays drte randonnee nbalisage pr drte randonnee nbalisage drte chemin compostelle n

Turn left - Turn right

balisage gr croix randonnee nbalisage gr pays croix randonnee nbalisage pr croix randonnee nbalisage crx chemin compostelle n

You're on the wrong track

Before you start walking, do refer to the information panels at the starting point of the hike :


Les Bordes sur Lez : The Mont Valier mountains
Auzat : Massif du Montcalm
Auzat : Vallée des étangs de Bassiès
Orlu : Réserve naturelle
Emergency numbers : 05 61 64 22 58 ou le 112

Haute Garonne

Bagnère de Luchon : Hospices de France
Castillon de Larboust : Vallée du Lys
Bezins-Garraux : Pic du Gar
Boutx : Cagire
Oo : Granges d'Astau
Emergency numbers : 05 61 89 31 31 ou le 112

Hautes Pyrénées

Aragnouet : Néouvielle
Aragnouet : Barroude
Cauterets : Gaube GR 10
Cauterets : Estom
Gavarnie : Vignemale GR 10
Gavarnie : Taillon, brêche de Roland
Gèdre : Troumouse
Emergency numbers : 05 62 92 41 41 ou le 112

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